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The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation is committed to educating children and their parents on simple techniques they can use to stay safe; providing tools parents can use in the event their child is lost or missing; and helping families, law enforcement, fire departments and other search and rescue teams in their efforts to find a lost, missing or abducted child.

Bring Them Home, Keep Them HomeTM
Our newest innitiate, Bring Them Home, Keep Them HomeTM attacks on our mission on multiple fronts:

    Public Service Announcements
    • Messages of hope and faith for the families of children who remain missing
    • Our responsibilities to the communities in which we live - If You See Something, Say Something
    • Sexual Predators
      • Awareness
      • Community Involvment
      • Navigating the Sex Offender Registry
    • Encouraging Children To Speak Up When Someone Puts Them In Uncomfortable Circumstances
    • Teaching Children That No Matter What Happens To Them, It's Not Their Fault

    Click here to view our PSAs

    New Tools
    Once again advances in technology have brought us a new tool to help keep our children safe. The extreme miniaturization of cell phone and GPS technology has made possible GPS tracking devices small enough to easily fit in a pocket, yet still provide excellent satellite reception and cellular network connectivity.

    We recently had the opportunity to do extensive testing of some of these devices in real world scenarios, and we're so impressed that we are working with the distributor to bring you unique Hornbeck Foundation branded devices to enhance you child's safety.

    We're also revaming our FREE MyID4Life Kidz Kardz program to make it even easier for you to obtain an ID card for your children. Soon you will be able to simply upload your child's photo to our secure website, fill out a small form with information about your child, then click print. Your card will be prepared and on its way to you within 72 hours!

    Other services we offer:
      · Offer proactive resources to the public, including the MyID4Life Child ID and Makin' Trax Abduction Prevention Education programs
      · Clearinghouse for missing child information distribution through the internet; local television, radio and newspapers; other missing child organizations

    Command Center Operations:
      · Software to track and maintain all search related information
      · Command Center set-up
      · Missing child website and hosting
      · Flyer distribution (email, fax, printed, egreeting cards)
      · Printed and electronic Forms
      · Mapping systems (topo, aerial, satellite)
      · Sexual offender database
      · Coordination and leadership for volunteer search efforts

    Search and Rescue Team: ( )
      · Activated immediately upon notification of a missing child and when requested by law enforcement or other emergency agency
      · Team is equipped and prepared to conduct search operations day or night in any weather condition
      · Member - National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR)

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