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The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation is currently comprised of an entire staff of volunteers who help provide all of the services that we offer. We rely on dedicated volunteers to help us to continue and expand our programs so that we can reach as many families as possible, while keeping our costs to a minimum or FREE for the families.

The majority of the foundation volunteer positions require a commitment of one year ( 36 hours minimum ) working an average of one shift of three (3) hours per month due to the time involved with the training of the volunteers for our different programs. You will be asked to specify the volunteer opening you are applying for on the application. All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age ( proof of age may be required ).

As we work directly with children we require that all volunteers have a state and/or federal background check run on them. We have a '0' tolerance for substance abuse.

Please Note:

To apply for a volunteer position, please review the following criteria. If you meet the requirements, click the "I Agree" button to access the application form.

   1. If I become a volunteer, I agree to a minimum one-year commitment. ( 36 hours minimum per calendar year )
      ( This is an average of three (3) hours per month...or 1 event a month )

   2. As a volunteer, I will attend orientation, training and continuing education programs.

   3. As a volunteer, I will be dependable, reliable and professional while representing the foundation.

I agree to the above conditions and wish to complete an application.

>>>  I agree, Proceed to Form!

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